Working Together

Progress of your Child and "Open Door Policy"

For each child there is a baseline assessment on entry and throughout the time your child is in our School, we will set a range of challenging targets, both academic and social.

Open Evenings are held twice a year in the Autumn and Spring Terms. At these meetings every opportunity is provided for parents to discuss the progress being made by their child/children.

The School has an "open door" policy in that parents may discuss with the class teacher or the Head teacher any concerns about progress or other issues regarding their children.

An Annual Report is issued during the Summer Term which details the progress made through the whole year in school and levels of achievement as a result of end of Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 assessments. This is shared with the next teacher so that progress can be maintained.


Each term parents receive a copy of the "Curriculum News" which gives clear guidance on what is taught in each year group in all subjects, along with the extra-curricular clubs, activities and special events for the term. Parents also receive a weekly newsletter keeping families in touch with what's going on at School.

Parents are welcome to discuss concerns with teachers before and after school. The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher are always available to provide further information about procedures or any other concerns.

There are a series of Parents' Information Leaflets on a range of different subjects and advice on how you can support your child's learning at home and the School also organises parent workshops on particular areas of the curriculum.

We have a School website which is regularly updated, giving information about the School and showing examples of children's work; Policies can be found on the school website and are available on request.

Home and School Working Together

We believe that a strong partnership between home, School and the Church is essential if the children are to receive the best education.

Parents have the most important part to play in preparing their children for school.

When children start their compulsory schooling their parents are invited to enter into a Home-School Agreement to enhance the relationships between parents, their children and the school.

There is regular homework for all children to encourage independent learning and build on the learning taking place during the school day. Spellings are sent home on a weekly basis and throughout the term a variety of work such as Maths, English and topic-based work may also be sent home.

Parents are also encouraged to help in many ways in school, either on a regular basis with reading, cookery, games, practical activities and trips; or occasionally to share a hobby, interest or skill with the curriculum work of a class. We enjoy wonderful support from our parents and families in this way.

There are surveys of parents' opinions on all matters of their children's schooling, through parent questionnaires and a specific survey of new parents.

"Feedback is very supportive of the school's work; constructive criticism is welcomed and changes to policies and practices have been made as a result of surveys"

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