Governor Type Name Start of Term End of Term Notes
Foundation Rev Graham Holcombe 1/9/1999 N/A Dean's Replacement
Mrs Lisa Lewis 7/9/2015 31/8/2019  
Mrs Angelina Rodriques 18/3/2016 31/9/2019 Vice Chair
Mr Simon Sherwood 2/3/2017 31/8/2020  
Mrs Elizabeth Elias 24/4/2017 31/8/2020  
Mr Ben Jenkins 24/4/2017 31/8/2020  
Mr Benjamin Staniforth 24/4/2017 31/8/2020  
Mr Gareth Morris 1/9/2018 31/8/2022  
Parent Mr Matt Cunningham 15/7/2016 14/7/2020  
Mrs Samantha Bebb 1/9/2017 31/8/2021  
Local Authority Mr David Oliver 25/6/2015 24/6/2019 Chair
Mr Philip Barratt 26/09/2017 25/09/2021  
Headteacher Mrs Annette James 1/1/2016 N/A  
Teacher Ms Misha Bannister 1/9/2017 31/8/2021  
Support Staff Mrs Liz McGhie 1/3/2016 29/2/2020  

There are 7 Non-Foundation Governors. Therefore, the Instrument of Governance (and Welsh Government Guidance) state that there should be 2 more Foundation Governors than Non-Foundation Governors, requiring 9 Foundation Governors.

Under clause 7b of the Instrument of Government, Rev Graham Holcombe has been nominated as replacement for "the principal officiating minister of the ecclesiastical parish of Llandaff" (The Dean of Llandaff Cathedral) by the Archdeacon. The Dean is welcome to attend the Governing Body as an Observer.

In addition are the following Non-Governor Members and other roles along with their voting eligibility (as decided at the Governing Body AGM in October 2018).

Type Name Voting Eligibility Notes
Non-Governor Member Dr Neil Roberts Voting  
Mr Simon Johns Voting Deputy Headteacher
Clerk Mrs Helen Treherne Non-Voting  
Diocesan Director of Education Mr Andrew Rickett Non-Voting  
Dean of Llandaff Cathedral Rev Gerwyn Capon Non-Voting Observer

If you wish to contact the Governing Body or individual members, please write to the Clerk to the Governing Body c/o the School Office or by email at:

Updated: 1st January 2019

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