The School has a wide range of facilities. We have stimulating, interactive classrooms with a wealth of resources, including internet-linked computers and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

The children have access to a purpose built Place of Discovery providing IT resources, backed up by an ongoing programme of investment planning how to incorporate emerging technologies. We have two large halls for collective worship, physical education activities, productions and concerts, and a well-stocked library.

Other facilities in our School include a specialist music room and our own school kitchen where well balanced school meals are cooked.


We are fortunate to have large, spacious grounds including a playing field with excellent security that ensures a safe learning environment. There are separate playgrounds for younger and older pupils including activity trails with safety surfaces.

The School has excellent outside learning areas including an outside classroom and an eco-friendly wildlife and garden area that are used to enhance the curriculum.

Out of Hours

An extensive range of out of hours clubs includes: rugby, football, netball, gymnastics, dance, art, craft, chess, Welsh, French, Spanish, gardening, choir, orchestra and many more.

Security Arrangements

The School is a safe and secure area, and the grounds are enclosed within a security fence with access allowed through security gates at the beginning and end of the day, while for the remainder of the day the gates are closed and locked. CCTV is in 24 hour operation.

Working Together

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