Additional Needs

All work is carefully prepared and structured to ensure that each child progresses at a pace which is appropriate to them. However, children develop at different rates and some may have specific or general learning difficulties. Some children have medical or behavioural needs and some may be working in a second language. Occasionally it may be necessary for a child to have a Statement of Special Educational Needs, which would outline the support we will provide, to ensure that they make the best possible progress.

At Llandaff City we have a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) teacher who is specifically appointed to ensure that the needs of each child are met. We also have a team of Learning Support Assistants who work with children of all abilities under the guidance of class teachers and the SENCO. If this does not have the desired effect, the School will call on the expertise of external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist.

We actively promote equality within our School and have a Disability Access Plan. Applications by parents of children with disabilities or specific impairments are welcomed. We strive to ensure that all our pupils are able to access both the environment and the curriculum.

"We aim to help and support all our children as quickly and as comprehensively as possible and work closely together with parents to achieve this aim"

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